Offest Your Carbon Footprint This Earth Day

As all Inkkas fans know we are proud to partner with Trees For The Future and plant a tree for each pair of Inkkas shoes sold.

To this date Inkkas have planted 163,847 trees.

The reason why I like this partnership so much is because Trees for The Future implement a Forest Garden Approach which the latest data from the organisation indicates ends hunger for most families in just one year!

This approach works by systematically planting specific fast growing trees (fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops) over a four year period. Forest Gardens grow to consist of thousands of trees that provide many families with not only sustainable food sources but livestock feed, products to sell, fuel and often a 400% increase in annual income after the 4 year period.

Trees For The Future

Trees have created a Carbon Calculator to help you Make A Difference and offset your footprint in honour of Earth Day.

Australians will need to make some conversions so here is a guide to help you with that.

1 Litre = 0.264 Gallons

1 Kilometre = 0.621 Miles

I calculated I need to plant 25,000 trees to offset my families carbon footprint for the year. What a shock, i had better get started!

To celebrate Earth Day 2018 and help us both start planting trees I am offering customers:

20% Off