New Sydney Showroom. We're Going Green Street!

I have great news for the Inkkas fans of Sydney.  I have teamed up with my good friend Rachel from Moonbird Designs and together we have opened a collaborative retail space in Brookvale.

Inkkas Showroom Brookvale

It may look like an unassuming warehouse in a slightly industrial street next to Warringah Mall, but after we've done a bit more gardening and installed the rest of our signage we'll look like we're here to stay, and wait until you see inside.

We really felt that the Northern beaches of Sydney could do with a bit of sustainable fashion boost, a local destination where customers could shop their ethics without concern. 

Brookvale was the perfect choice being the centre of the beaches and we're 200 metres from like minded shops in the mall that share our philosophies. OFarm the organic food grocer and plant based cafe is a short walk away and so is Naked Foods that sell bulk foods plastic free!

So if you like to Try, before you buy!

Come on down to Green Street, shop from our full range and get 15% off your Inkkas purchase.

The Green Street Collective

Tuesday to Saturday

10am to 4 pm

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