5 Ways To Totally Make Your Mums Day

Don't stress about what you need to buy for your mother's special occasion; for most Mum's the best present is your presence.

Yes it's that simple, just spend time with her, no store bought card, bunch of flowers or chocolates will warm her heart as much as any small efforts to show her how much she is appreciated.

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To help here are 5 ideas to choose from which are sure to make your Mum feel special and happy.

1. As I mentioned presence is key, Mum was born before the information age, she misses the simplicity of these times. Go old school, put your phone away and have a good old chat with your Mum. Share something significant that's going on in your life and then ask her what it was like for her at your age. Her memories of this time are really vivid and you are likely to have some similar experiences to draw upon.

2. Go on a road trip together. Listen to music, chat and explore somewhere neither of you have been before.

3. Your Mum is going to love and cherish any home made gifts. She will spill over with joy knowing that you took some time to think about her.

  • Make a card, or art piece, write a poem or a story.
  • Make her a movie or a photo collage.
  • Make a playlist of all the songs she loves.

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4. Do something you love with your Mum. Dance, yoga, art, cycling.... if you are passionate about it, then your Mum will love this glimpse into your world.

Last but not least...

5. The thing that will totally make your Mums day is to tell her you love her, let her know you appreciate all she has done for you and that you value her little pearls of wisdom.