5 ​Tips for Shoe Shopping Online

There are many advantages of shopping online, the convenience, to avoid the crowds, you can easily send gifts, and get quick and easy price comparisons. Many of us are rushed for time and having a shop open 24 hrs with the full range available to peruse in the comfort of your home is a golden opportunity. Shopping for fashion can often seem daunting so we have compiled some tips to boost your confidence when shoe shopping online.

1. Return and Exchange Policy

The first tip is to check out the return and exchange policy of the online store you are planning to buy from, if they are particularly severe then buyer beware!

2. The Right Size

Finding the right shoe size can be tricky and confusing and you might find you are one shoe size for one particular brand and a different size with another. This is because shoe manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, therefore sizes do vary between brands.

We believe to give you the best chance of ordering your true shoe size, it is really important to measure the foot and follow the size guide that every e-commerce of footwear should offer. 

To get the right fit, take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler; wear a sock of medium thickness and place your foot down on the sheet. With the pencil, draw the outline of the foot with care. Measure the length from heel to toe and compare the measurement with the conversion chart provided.

3. Test Them First

In case you have ordered the wrong size test your shoes first. Don't remove any labels and try them on with a sock, indoor on a soft surface to avoid any damage and ensure you have an easy return.

4. Shop Ethical

As consumers we have a powerful voice, we cast a vote with every purchase we make. If you would like your shoe purchase to do no harm and make a positive difference for the people who make them then you will want to chose an ethical brand. Speak up and ask your favourite brands, "Who made my shoes?" if you can't find or are not satisfied with the answer it might be time to consider a new brand.

5. Buy with Friends and Save on Shipping

Many shops offer fixed price shipping or perhaps free shipping with 2 or more pairs. Ask your friends to check out the site and see if there are any shoes they like, that way you can bundle your order and save on shipping.