5 Reasons Why Inkkas Make Great Travel Shoes

When planning a trip overseas one of the most difficult decisions to make can always be, which shoes do I pack? 

If you are anything like me you might have a tendency to over-pack and not end up wearing half your shoes. This may be fine for a short trip but if you are heading off on a longer adventure, knowing the right shoes to pack is of high importance.

So How Do Inkkas Make the Ideal Travel Shoe?

1. Inkkas Are Super Easy To Slip On and Off

First leg of many great adventures will be the airport. When you are required to take off your shoes at the airport you can remove your Inkkas with ease and style. Inkkas are also good for visiting temples or mosques where you are required to remove your shoe. You will not be the one spending time tying your laces while your companions are off already at the next sight.

They are also super comfy, especially essential for long haul flights. If you want to take them off you can slide them in the seat pocket and then easily slip them back on when you go to the loo or to stretch your legs.

Image by @ecowarriorprincess

2. Inkkas Are Shoes That Will Last The Distance

Walking is in my opinion the best way to explore when travelling. It's only on foot that you can fully immerse in the details that bring a new destinations to life. The perfect travel shoe will not only be comfortable and hopefully stylish but will last the distance. Exploring a new city you may encounter surfaces from cobblestones, pavements to the beach and your Inkkas are shoes that will last the distance. Each Inkkas shoe is carefully made by hand by artisans in Mexico, with good arch support and reinforced heel stitching you get not only comfort and style but a shoe that will last.

3. Versatility

Inkkas can be dressed up or down for any occasion and this means you don't have to pack as many shoes. They look equally fabulous with shorts, a skirt, jeans or a dress.

4. Light Weight

As sneakers go Inkkas are considerably light weight. Size 40 Eur Low Tops are 300g each. Not only does this benefit when considering airline weight limit but as an added bonus, light weight footwear wont weigh on your feet. You actually feel like you can skip around all day, light shoes minimise leg fatigue, especially good for long days exploring new places.

5. Supporting a Good Cause

Inkkas help with deforestation by planting a tree for each pair sold.

When Inkkas was founded, the company set out to be an organisation that was about more than simply making a profit. The company established itself on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and social consciousness. Due to the growing danger of deforestation, the Inkkas company decided to make a difference in the world by creating the OneShoeOneTree project.