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Barracuda Vegan Slip On Sneakers

Barracuda Slip Ons Featuring Inkkas iconic authentic Peruvian textiles, the handcrafted Barracuda Slip On is cut, sewn & stitched by local artisans. Unisex Durable, super soft interior lining Premium removable insole with arch...

Blake Slip On Sneakers

The Blake Slip On is a wearable piece of art. Created by Designer/Artist Kelsey Archila, this style features geometric designs with a kaleidoscope of colours on the vamp and heel complimented nicely with a black lateral.  Part of the KLC Collection...

Bluebird Slip On Sneakers

When you don't want to deal with shoe laces? Slip into a pair of Bluebird Slip Ons Introducing the 2016 Bluebird Slip Ons! The slip on is perfect for anytime of the year when dealing with laces simply isn't something you want to be on your...

Slate Slip On Sneakers

Slate is an iconic Inkkas pattern that has been popular since day one. With a full spectrum of colour juxtaposed next to the smooth heather grey tone that we all love, you can't go wrong with a pair of Slates. The slip on is perfect for anytime of...

Thai Elephant Slip On Sneakers

Inkkas new Thai Elephant Slip On, canvas sneaker features a printed Elephant trekking the sunset. The orange, grey and blue complement one another to elicit a true vibrancy in this unique shoe. Inspired by the famous Elephants of Chang...