Blackbird High Top Sneakers - 100% Vegan & Beautifully Unique

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Introducing our Inkkas classic Blackbird high tops reworked!

This is the style that started the brand.  

Featuring stylish South American textiles, the Blackbird is one of Inkkas oldest and most popular styles. 

Timeless High Top design made with authentic Peruvian textiles. 100% Vegan, Super Soft Cotton Interior Lining.

    • Timeless High Top design
    • Handcrafted in Latin America
    • Made with authentic Peruvian textiles 
    • Double stitching for added durability
    • Premium insole with arch support
    • Super soft 100% cotton interior lining
    • Reinforced heel stitching
    • Synthetic leather tags
    • Vulcanized rubber outsole
    • High quality cotton laces
    • 100% Vegan
    • Inkkas plants one tree with every purchase

Blackbird Trivia

Chief Blackbird (Wash-ing-guh Sah-ba) (ca. 1750 – 1800) was the leader of the Omaha Native American Indian tribe during the late 18th century. He commanded the trade routes used by Spanish, French, British and later American traders. Blackbird was one of the first of the Plains Indian chiefs to trade with white explorers and also believed to be the first of the Plains Indian chiefs to openly question white encroachment. Blackbird used trade to better the lives of his people and also as a way to let explorers know they were the guests.



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